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Founder & CEO
Israel cell +972 (50) 657-0929
U.S. cell +1 (443) 603-2759

Yaron Jacobs is the founder and CEO of Responcity Ltd., a unique and innovative SEL (social-emotional learning) and municipal engagement initiative. The Responcity Ltd. educational program aims to build inclusiveness and social cohesion by empowering millions of teenagers worldwide with character-building values and 21st century life skills. Yaron established Responcity Ltd. following the success of Responsibility 2048, which he created in 2012. This non-profit organization teaches young students in Israel civic responsibility and engagement, cooperative problem resolution, project management, and community building.

Yaron was driven to establish these social impact initiatives following over three decades of service in high-level positions in government, business, and academia, which provided him with an interdisciplinary worldview.

As director general of the Prime Minister’s Office – The Government Companies Authority, Yaron oversaw 100 government-held companies and was responsible for privatization. In addition, Yaron served as senior Advisor to the Minister of the Interior and Policy Advisor to the Foreign Minister (Ehud Barak); CEO of The Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets Ltd.; Legal Advisor to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

In the business arena, Yaron is CEO of Adashim Holdings, Ltd., where he provides executive leadership and financial and legal advice (active chairman of the board, board member, advisory board member) in transportation, infrastructure, biotechnology, energy efficiency, and management software. He was also CEO of Yarid Holdings Ltd., a comprehensive turnaround program for at-risk companies, and Deputy Director General and Legal Advisor to the Israel Land Development Company Ltd.

As a professional attorney at law, Yaron engages with students as a lecturer in the Law School and Department of Public Policy at Sapir College; the Department of Political Science at Bar Ilan University; and the School of Government and Business School at Tel Aviv University.

Yaron was named by Maariv daily as one of the Ten Most Influential Leaders in the Israeli Economy.

Yaron served in the IDF as a research officer in the Intelligence Corps. He has a BA (honors) and MA in Political Science and LLB from Bar Ilan University. He lives in Israel and is married with five children.