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About Responcity

Empowering youth with future skills

Responcity is a unique and innovative educational program, as well as a civic municipal engagement initiative. It is designed to empower youth with 21st century and social-emotional skills through PBL (Problem-Based Learning),  SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)  and municipal innovation. Participants  learn to become better citizens and develop the skills needed for the future marketplace.

Globalization of the initiative

For the past seven years, the program has operated in the Israeli educational system, where it has had significant impact. In order to share this success globally, the program was housed on an advanced digital platform that integrates the municipal, personal, and digital worlds. The platform enables worldwide learning, collaboration, and data-sharing. Responcity also provides measurement and assessment, through a data-driven, reliable,scalable AI model. This feedback is valuable for educators, parents, and students.

Students at Singapore Chinese Girls School participate in the Responcity program (May 2021)

Comprehensive educational program and toolbox

Responcity currently offers several program formats, including:

Formal Education

annual and semester programs

Afterschool Program

Responcity Connect

designed specifically to answer the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic

All of the programs are housed on our user-friendly digital platform. 

Responcity provides all of the tools necessary to successfully implement the program of your choice. These include:

Looking towards the future

Responcity is currently marketing the programs in the US, Singapore, Russia, and Germany. During the next few years there will be a global effort towards continued worldwide expansion. 

In addition, a sophisticated AI platform is currently in development. This data-driven platform will serve as a lab for future skills development, using adaptive learning activities embedded in a Problem-Based Learning program.