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Teacher Development Program

Responcity places teacher development and teacher satisfaction as a top priority.  We offer high-level professional development sessions for teachers that are facilitated by a team of internationally renowned experts in the fields of PBL (Problem-Based Learning) and SEL (Social-Emotional Learning). The training sessions enable teachers to acquire the most advanced educational tools for supporting students in creative problem-solving.

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In addition, the Responcity app provides teachers with a complete toolbox of educational materials, opportunities for feedback, and round-the-clock support. The user-friendly app was designed in order to ensure successful implementation of the program, as well as teacher and student satisfaction.

What does our professional development program do?

Develops confidence in the teacher’s ability to solve problems and guide students in problem solving processes. Encourages positive beliefs regarding the students’ ability to solve problems.

Instills specific tools for teaching high level thinking skills (such as comparison, filtering, generalization, synthesis) and complex thinking processes. Teachers will experience the process themselves and become experts in the field of problem solving.

Transforms teachers into guides. They learn to conduct meta-cognitive discussions, encourage teamwork, and promote individual student capabilities.

Trains teachers to use our innovative digital application that provides continuous support, professional development, and online responses to questions and problems that arise during daily work with students.

The Process

stage 1
stage 2
stage 3

Initial one-day workshop (6 hours)

Session 1 | Responcity© 101
Meeting with Mr. Yaron Jacobs, program founder and CEO. Presentation of the program vision, guiding principles, and goals. (1 hour) 

Session 2 | Training for PBL leaders
During this session, teachers will gain practical experience with a broad range of methods and aids for developing expertise in the field of problem solving. The teachers will develop the skills required to support and guide students through the process. They will learn to work with relevant protocols (sample protocols: consulting with colleagues, directing a project, group problem solving). Taught by experts in the field. (3 hours)

Session 3 | Using the Responcity app©
The unique Responcity app© supports teachers and students around-the-clock with on-line responses to questions and dilemmas. The app is tailormade for the entire learning process. It enables fascinating encounters with other students and global cooperation in problem solving. In this session, teachers will gain in-depth knowledge of the app. (2 hours)

Throughout the year

Responcity app©
Throughout the school year, global data will be entered by all teachers and students who are participating in the program. The resulting database of ideas and data will be useable and shareable. The app will enable teachers from around the world to consult with each other to help solve problems that arise during their work.

Continuous support
Every teacher will be paired with a contact person, an expert in the program, who will serve as a personal address for real-time consulting, follow-up, and questions along the way.

Teacher conferences
Throughout the school year, teachers will be supported by conferences, which include preparation for the presentations and end-of-year events.

Reflection and feedback

Toward the end of the curriculum, a school-wide Community Change Celebration will be held for students to present their final products before an authentic audience of parents, local authorities, and community. This gathering will focus on the “common good” and create a shared experience of responsibility and trust.

In parallel to the students’ process of reflection, teachers will also carry out a personal reflection process. They will summarize their experience and offer insights concerning the students’ work process, the mentoring experience, and the learning products.

Example of a training conference agenda:


Responcity is the missing link to civic education that's needed. There is no project-based learning program that I feel is as close to the real-life workings of city government. The staff was very knowledgeable and willing to assist us.

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