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Responcity Connect

 Changing Education for Changing Times

Times have changed. Which means education must change. Responcity Connect will help your students to change things for the better.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, society faces uncertainties regarding:

Responcity Connect offers a comprehensive virtual toolkit to help educators prepare teens to thrive in this new global reality.

Responcity Connect is:

  • An innovative SEL (social emotional learning) program and civic engagement initiative that teaches students the values of responsibility, global responsibility and the common good.

  • An opportunity for students to work in groups to identify a problem in their community that they want to solve, and then to implement a pilot project to solve it.

  • A formally recognized educational program in Israel and the US.

Responcity Connect is designed for:

  • 7th – 12th grade students.

  • Formal and informal educational settings including: schools, afterschool programs, community centers, youth groups, religious programs, etc.

Enriching learning through an innovative, multi-faceted virtual environment

  • The Responcity © app houses the educational program, in combination with additional distance learning techniques.

  • Students are engaged through exciting, interactive games and activities that enable them to develop SEL skills such as teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving.

  • Instructors use Problem-Based Learning (PBL) techniques to heighten students’ sense of involvement and commitment to the program.

  • The digital and classroom environments are connected through a user-friendly interface.

Responcity Connect Price

$10 per participant per month

$50 per semester

The Responcity Connect toolkit includes:

For further information, please contact: Jessica Setbon, Senior Content Director

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