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Responcity's SEL - Social Emotional Learning

The term SEL stands for Social-Emotional Learning and refers to the process by which individuals develop the skills to understand their own experiences, effectively interact with others, and build meaningful relationships.

At Responcity, SEL is fostered as students learn to become responsible solutionaries, making positive change through collaboration, communication, and presentation. Through a spiraling pedagogical structure (sequenced, incremental instruction over the course of the curriculum), students gain SEL core competencies, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making (The CASEL 5). Students build SEL through pedagogical processes, instructional content, and reflective feedback.


Chief Social-Emotional Learning Officer


Through discussion, group work, social problem solving, and public speaking students have the opportunity to practice their SEL skills over the course of the Responcity curriculum.


Responcity teaches students about their important role in addressing and solving critical issues and inspires them to make their city, and the world, a better place for all citizens. Students learn that SEL skills are integral in achieving this goal.


Engaging assessment tasks designed to elicit evidence on SEL core competencies are organically embedded into the Responcity program to provide students and teachers with actionable insights on the competencies mastered and recommendations for targeted learning activities for further development of SEL competencies. 


Through regular self-reflection and teacher feedback, Responcity’s feedback model is uniquely able to foster students’ SEL. Rooted in behavior principles and the spirit of continuous improvement, students are able to notice successes and get support in specific components of SEL development.

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