Responcity app

Streamlining education, communication, and digital learning

The Responcity app enables teachers to deliver the educational program both in frontal classroom work and digitally from home (hybrid program), seamlessly answering the needs of distance learning with no need to change or adapt lessons.

Smart, advanced tool for classroom management
Easily connects to existing school interfaces (Google Classroom, Teams, etc.), teacher dashboard enables creation of tasks, delivering responses, and publishing discussions.
Create teams
Divide the class into teams. Each team has a chatroom and collects team content and work environment.
Manage project
Panel for sharing and presenting solutions, interactive voting, diverse ways of collecting and presenting information.
Maintain continuous contact
Structured communication composed of defined chatrooms: team, partners, personal communication with teacher, discussion with other groups in Israel and globally.
Assessment and feedback
Participants conduct personal and shared assessment of skills acquired throughout the program.

Social-Emotional Learning

21st century skills

Develop social-emotional skills, follow-up on participants’ wellbeing



Create, copy, or participate tasks in the general library or school library, information sources library, smart organization of materials by tags and sustainability goals

Structured learning process

Structured learning process

Teachers undergo training in the use of the pedagogical methods integrated in the platform, consulting on integration of new pedagogical methods



Development of active learning, innovation processes, competitions, intuitive and guided learning environment

The challenge structure is designed to offer an active and dynamic learning scenery where the students complete the activities proposed for the development of the challenge.

Responcity App is a dynamic student-centered environment and designed for collaboration



General description

Phase description

Phases visualization

Collaborative content area by phase

Participation area, multiple activities can be created to be delivered for each 
phase, and each solution is a  collaborative
environment in itself

Teacher communication board

Innovation toolkit

Challenge resources area


Access code

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