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Responcity’s Approach to Assessment:

Unlocking Human Potential through Learning Assessment

At Responcity, we measure, analyze and provide actionable insights on soft skills essential for success in today’s changing world.

As schools adopt the Responcity program, students are developing social-emotional and thinking skills essential for college, career, and life. We provide an effective, data-driven, scalable system of digital assessments for these hard-to-measure skills, and deliver actionable insights to learners and educators.

Our learning assessment team is led by Dr. Yigal Rosen and Dr. Vered Haas. Dr. Rosen is an international expert in innovative assessments and the lead of the OECD PISA Creative Thinking assessment design and development. Dr. Haas has 15 years of experience in efficacy research, with a focus on social-emotional learning and assessment indicators. Together they develop curriculum-embedded assessments that enable measurement of the key social-emotional and thinking skills.

Dr. Yigal Rosen

Senior Advisor - Assessment & Efficacy

A few featured publications

by Dr. Yigal Rosen:

Quick demo of our game for students, scroll up and down to watch

Through the use of gamified AI-enhanced assessments, we provide a solution for accurately measuring the development of critical soft skills with students participating in the Responcity program.

These assessment tools provide valuable insights to learners and educators, as well as enable optimization of the program.

Our assessments are built on rigorous scientific validation optimized with data for the benefit of ALL students, educators, and our partners.

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