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Responcity is an innovative Social Emotional Learning program that develops, measures, and assesses future skills. Through civic engagement and problem based learning, participants learn to become better citizens while improving their communication, cooperation and presentation skills.

Responcity was chosen to be a member of  SEL Providers Council, which is overseen by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning).
The council brings together providers of social emotional learning (SEL) programs, curricula, and assessments for collective learning, thought leadership, and action.

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Introduction to Responcity

Educational Programs

Responcity App

SEL & PBL Components

Responcity’s Road to Problem-Based Learning​
At Responcity, we implement Problem-Based Learning, an innovative method that teaches students to take responsibility and to understand and solve problems. This approach enables each student to become a responsible “solutionary.” Students take responsibility for creating a better world by addressing and solving pertinent municipal issues. 

Teacher Training

Responcity is the missing link to civic education that's needed. There is no project-based learning program that I feel is as close to the real-life workings of city government. The staff was very knowledgeable and willing to assist us.

Community Center Director, Fairfax County

We offer high-level professional development sessions for teachers that are facilitated by a team of internationally renowned experts in the fields of PBL (Problem-Based Learning) and SEL (Social-Emotional Learning). The training sessions enable teachers to acquire the most advanced educational tools for supporting students in creative problem-solving.

Responcity’s Approach to Assessment

As schools adopt the Responcity program, students are developing social-emotional and thinking skills essential for college, career, and life. We provide an effective, data-driven, scalable system of digital assessments for these hard-to-measure skills, and deliver actionable insights to learners and educators.

Our unique team of experts